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Dong Ba market located in the center of city, along the bank of Perfume River; it’s 5.000 square meter in area with three floors and thousands of departments where serviced the business need. There are enough necessary goods which used for daily life and the beautiful souvenirs with art characteristic of Hue city; visitors could buy them to make memorial gifts for traveling in Hue.

Dong Ba Market is becoming the interesting travel – culture destination of Hue city. Tourists visit here not only to buy local specialties of Hue for example “Me Xung”, meat roll, meat pie…but also taste delicious foods such as Hue beef rice noodles, mussel rice, mussel rice noodle steamed rice discs topped with shrimp, steamed flat rice dumplings and filtered tapioca dumplings…In addition, you also could walk inside market to enjoy the polite and gentle communication of Hue girls.

Wander around Dong Ba Market; you could see many kinds production of traditional trade villages of Hue for instance the leaves hat of Phu Cam village, scissors of Hien Luong village or votive objects and folk painting of Sinh village…Besides, there are many famous products of Duc ward such as bronze bells, bronze urns…and ceramic productions with abundance in shapes and colors of Phuoc Tich ceramic village for example lime-pot, decanter, pot, water jar, bowl… Specially, you will be interested in the bamboo basket, small bamboo bed and bamboo cradle…Dong Ba market is the meeting place for dozens of flower, fruit and sea food such as fish, shrimp, crab…

Dong Ba Market is busy and animated but it still keeps the special characteristic of Hue city as well as Hue people with friendly smile and sweet invitation. 

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