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Thien Mu pagoda - a symbol of Hue city

Far from Hue city about 5km in the west, Thien Mu pagoda located on Ha Khe hill, on the left of Perfume River. The tourists always visit Thien Mu pagoda whenever they set foot on Hue city because of the harmonization of nature and architecture here even though they are busy.

Thien Mu pagoda was built in the year 1601 and largely rebuilt in 1691-1725; this is the oldest pagoda in Hue city. With the natural beauty and large size, Thien Mu pagoda became the most beautiful pagoda in the center of Viet Nam at that time.  Go through historical change, this pagoda also was rebuilt many times under the Nguyen dynasty. All projects of Thien Mu pagoda on a rectangular hill and covered by stone wall which has shape of a drinking water turtle.

Walking about more than tens of brick steps, there are the pagoda gate and Phuoc Duyen tower which is octagonal and 21m high (7 floors). Seven is the holy number of Buddhism.  There is a bronze bell which 2.5 m in height, 1.4m in diameter and 2.025kg in weight. Besides, there is big stele which was built from Nguyen Phuc Chu king, 2.6m in height, 1.25m in weight; it located on the back of turtle which is 2.2m high, 1.6m wide, made of marble stone and carved skillfully.

Dai Hung temple is the main temple and also the impressive architecture of Thien Mu pagoda. Inside the this temple, apart from the bronze Buddhism statue, there is a big bronze plaque which was gave for Thien Mu pagoda in the year 1677 by a mandarin from Quang Tri province. In addition, Nguyen Phuc Chu king wrote by himself on the horizontal lacquered board in 1714.

There are flower garden where cultivated inside the precinct of pagoda every day and rockery of an ancestor of Vietnamese classical drama next to the car. This car is a relic of the late superior Buddhism monk named Thich Quang Duc who burned himself to death for against the Buddhism repression policy at Ngo Dinh Nhiem regime in the year 1963. End of the garden area is the tomb temple of the late superior Buddhism monk named Thich Don Hau- a famous nun of Thien Mu pagoda who was devoted his whole life for helpful activities to community.

The pure beautiful Perfume River in front of Thien Mu pagoda seemly cleans all life dusty for soul and body of everyone who visit this Buddhism place. The bell sound is same as the soul of Hue city; it resound in the water of Perfume River, it’s always in the mind of tourists who ever set foot on Hue city. Thien Mu pagoda is not only the price of Hue people but also the well-know pagoda in Viet Nam.

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