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Thuy Bieu Village – A Must See in Hue Countryside Tour

Located along the upstream bank of Perfume river and possessed the iconic beauty of a typical rural area in Hue, Thuy Bieu village now has become an indispensable part of Hue countryside tour.

Thuy Bieu village is a unification of two different villages: Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan village. Although only 4 km far from city center, Thuy Bieu village is not much influenced by urbanization. It itself still retains the rustic and simple features of old villages that always attract new visitors. The first impression that you can see when visiting this village is the amazing views of ancient houses and the green surroundings of old gardens. If Hue garden house is a special characteristic in Hue, Thuy Bieu village is a perfect place where you can explore many ancient and unique architecture of garden house, especially Ruong houses. These houses are roofed by the different tiles with 2 layers to stay cool in summer but still keep warm in winter. Constructed by rare kinds of wood with traditional red roofs and many pillars which mostly more than a hundred years old, Ruong houses are actually the typical architecture of Hue.

Visit Thuy Bieu village, you must try mild sweet “Thanh Tra”, a unique kind of pomelo which boasts refined fragrance and green skin. This is one of the most well known fruit here and used to be a special fruit that provided for the royal families only. Wandering along green tree-lined village streets, enjoying a peaceful atmosphere and tasting a fresh pomelo flavor is a fascinating experience that you should not miss here.

Beside the natural and pristine distinctions and special kind of fruit, Thuy Bieu village is also the homeland of traditional handicrafts. With a visit at local handicraft families, you will have chance to experience as the authentic handicraft man with traditional silk paiting, votive articles and incense stick making. Under the enthusiastic instruction of skillful hands, you will get insight of Hue handicraft villages as well as learn about local culture of rural people.

It can be said that Thuy Bieu is a hidden gem of untouched nature and culture. A recommendation for you to discover this beautiful land is taking cycling tour along verdant paths of this village, a very peaceful, simple but no less poetic way.

Spending a day strolling around Thuy Bieu village with Hue countryside tour is the wonderful way to discover the simple life of rural people in the central region and get the real experience that you are looking for: real place and real people outside the beaten tracks.

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