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What You Should Know About Bach Ma National Park

Located on 60km far from the south of Hue city, Bach Ma National Park is one of the most unique national parks in Vietnam. It may not much appear in Central Vietnam travel map as Hoi An, but Bach Ma National Park tour is really a awe-inspiring tour for explorer because of its treasure of natural wonders and landscapes.

The name of Bach Ma (White Horse) derived from a legend of the fairies who ride white horses down to Bach Ma mountain to play chess. When their horses were absorbed in finding grass, they couldn’t wait them and had to return to heaven alone. The horses finally turned into white clouds after a long time waiting their owners on the mountain top.

Nestling in Annamite mountain range streching from the Vietnam-Laos border to the South China Sea with highest peak at 1450m above sea level and 18km from the coast, Bach Ma has cool and moderate climate at most of the time.

Bach Ma National Park is not only known as a mountain area with charming scenery and cool climate, but also famous for its biodiversity resources with more than 1,400 species of fauna and flora. This is now one of rare places in Vietnam national parks preserving many rare animals and plants.

Because Bach Ma is right in the middle of Hue and Da Nang city, it is easily accessible from these both cities. You can travel by motorbike or car by yourself, but the best way is taking a tour with guide, or it will be quite hard for you to trek on your own and find the trekking trails without guidance.

From the gate on the foot of mountain, you can go ahead to find the highest point of Bach Ma National Park, Hai Vong Dai (the sea observatory) where you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the mountain ranges, the vast landscape and the immense ocean from all sides.

It’s around 16 kilometres from the foot to the top of Bach Ma Mountain and there are 2 ways to reach here. The first way is taking a van drive on the road to the peak. Another way is trekking on foot. However, this is really challenging and only suitable for the real trekkers.

One of the most appealing experience is to explore the Bach Ma natural trails which lead to the highlight attractions in the park.

From the peak, you can start your trekking journey down the mountain through Ngu Ho trail to reach Ngu Ho (Five Lake). This trail brings you to 5 lakes by following the stream. Ngu Ho consists of 5 different lakes at different high levels. To reach the lake, you must cling to the cliff, then follow the steel wire to the foot of the lake. Be careful! All the lakes are very nice, but from visitors’s review, the third lake is the most beautiful one with clear and cold water. There are also beautiful waterfalls around the lake, so it’s possible for you to relax yourself and have a swim here.

Follow the untouched paths, you then continue to trek down to Do Quyen waterfall, a natural masterpiece of Bach Ma National Park. It’s named from the beautiful flower which you can find at two side of the falls usually on March. At the height of 300m with the water pouring down in every single line, Do Duyen waterfall were suspended in the sky like a mighty white water dragon, flying in the middle of a green forest. From here, you can challenge yourself by climbing down 689 stone steps to the base of the waterfall. Go slowly, rest regularly, and take time to admire the forest trees, you will forget the fatigue and the difficulty of moving down. Although this takes roughly 1 hour, it’s total worth the hike with the stunning view of the whole silver fall in the majestic beauty of nature, a wonderful gift of your adventure trip today.

The best time to visit Bach Ma National Park is in the summer from March to September. This time has low rainfall and the cool air that is perfect for a stretch of adventurous jungle trekking.

With a great walk through untouched natural paths at a calm mountain, an enjoyment of the breathtaking scenery that Mother Nature gave us, Bach Ma National Park tour would be a perfect choice for hiking as well as for the natural world and outdoor enthusiast. It’s not overly intense, but gorgeous and unique. Let get ready to hike a tremendous amount to find out the most amazing places.

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