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Travel FAQs

How can I trust the quality of tour which you give us?

Eco Nature Travel has been established since 2000 and we have received the good feedbacks and comments from our customers all over the world of our services. We provide you all the best services for your holiday as contract we work with you before you arrive in Vietnam and Indochina of hotels, guides, transports, meals, cruises, etc. Our sales staff and operator always ensure that you come right company for your holiday that have tailor made or set tour as your expectation. Most our customers are highly satisfied with our services and wish to come back again with us. You can see testimonial our services with customers traveled with us on our website or on Tripadvisor with name “Eco Nature Travel day tours” or Lonelyplanet guide.

Eco Nature Travel has Operator International License which is recognized by Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNNAT) on our website. For making sure we are a true Travel Agent in Vietnam you can send an email to Vietnam Administration of Tourism to recheck our company.

We are the Responsible Travel to local communities in Vietnam to keep the preservation for stable tourism.


What hotel should we select? What are the room rates? Is breakfast included?

You can have different options for hotels from budget 2 star to luxury 5 star hotel. In thousands of hotels with the same range, Eco Nature Travel selects and recommends the best hotels which are reasonable price and good services. The room types are different so the room rate in your package tour will also different when you would like to upgrade the room.

On our package tours’ prices clarify by 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star. This means that the level of room rate range from budget to luxury. The quality of hotel is nearly the same all over the country except for remote regions. The room has all internal and international standards for foreign tourist with private bathroom, hot shower, air conditioning, satellite TV, IDD tel (some case), mini bar, laundry service, sauna & massage (3 star up). Most of 4 and 5 star hotels have swimming pool and sauna & massage…

Breakfast is always included in your room; hotel staff will show you the restaurant where you have breakfast.

When the room isn’t available before your check in time, it is safe for you to leave your luggage at hotel and make a surrounding visiting.


What is single supplement?

The price we supply is based on twin/double share accommodation. Single supplement is the surcharge cost for those who love to have a private room or called single room.


Where can we have home-stay?

It is an interesting experience in Vietnam and gets the true lives of local people. You can have home-stay in Sapa at stilt house of minority people group in mountainous villages. Chay Lap rustic with traditional wooden house is also a nice place to home stay. A Luoi district of Hue city with the border to Laos will also a nice place for home stay at stilt house together minority people and discover primary forest.

By standard facilities with mattress, mosquito net, bathroom sharing with the family. This is a true life so everything is standard plus the safety when you have a homestay night with local people.


Where does the tour start and finish?

The best way to travel throughout Vietnam is from North to South or vice versa. Firstly you travel to Hanoi, make down trip to the South and leave from Ho Chi Minh City and continue your trip to Cambodia and Laos or flight back home. It is recommended not to return the same city for flight departure because of internal flight ticket waste.


What means of transportation is available for traveling in Vietnam?

Today it is very easy to travel in Vietnam to main cities as well as remote area and tour destinations is always available for your discovery.

  • Internal Flight Travel

Traveling by plane is the fastest way in Vietnam when you have short time to explore the country. You can choose the following airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Mekong Air, Vietjet Air, Vasco which is suitable for your plane route. Here is the list of airports in Vietnam:

+ Noi Bai Airport of Hanoi City

+ Hai Phong Airport of Hai Phong City

+ Dong Hoi airport of Quang Binh province

+ Phu Bai airport of Hue city

+ Da Nang airport of Danang City

+ Chu Lai airport of Quang Ngai Province

+ Cam Ranh airport of Nha Trang City

+ Lien Khuong airport of Dalat city

+ Tan Son Nhat airport of Ho Chi Minh City

+ Can Tho airport of Can Tho City

+ Phu Quoc airport of Phu Quoc island

+ Con Dao airport of Con Dao island

  • Train Travel

Traveling by train of SE1 – SE6 for tourism and TN3-TN10 (Vietnam Reunification Express Train called “Thong Nhat”) throughout Vietnam is a good choice to see the whole country’s landscapes. There are daily trains from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa. On the train route for tourism, train always stops at main cities from North to South. It is very difficult to make the comparison between trains in Vietnam and Europe. Train in Vietnam is standard with good condition, equipped air-conditioning, sleeper cabins. It is not as faster as bus, however, it is safer than.

The best train in Vietnam is for route Hanoi to Lao Cai for visiting Sapa town in Northern Vietnam. There are different trains for you to choose according to your choice and budget with the comfortable and luxury. For a luxury option, the Victoria Sapa has its own luxury cabins on the train for those that will stay at their hotel.

  • Bus Travel

Bus travel is available for local people and only packed with smoke in 45 seats coach. Sometimes it includes bicycle, motorbikes, etc on the roof. This way of travel is just suitable for adventure travelers who love to discover the country as local.

Nowadays, there is Open bus which is the private that serves for travelers and connect at big cities. The best way for travel in budget is by Open bus for safe.


What kind of vehicles do you use for road trips?

We use modern, clean, well maintained, professionally driven coaches. Coaches are usually over sized for the group as the extra room is more comfortable. They’re all made in Japanese or Korean.

Car (4 seats): 1 or 2 passengers
Mini van (16 seats): 3-8 passengers
Mini bus (28 seats): 9-14 passengers
Coach (45 seats): 20 passengers up




Climate & When is the best time for visiting Viet Nam?

Vietnam is divided into three main regions North, Central and South. Depending on each region you visit, you can choose the best time to travel.

Winter season or dry season is from November to April in the North and the temperature is 16 0C. The rest of year is summer season with rainfalls and sometimes has storms.

Central Vietnam has two different seasons clearly. While summer season from April to November, winter season now lasts from November to March next year with much rain and flood in the end of October and November, the rest of month in winder it is cold but dry and less rain.

South Vietnam is always warm and sunny. The rainy season lasts from May to October with rarely rain for the whole day. The dry season is from November to April with quickly rainfall.

The best time for travelling along Vietnam tour from North to South would be from January till April. Beach relaxation is very comfortable to enjoy the sunshine and nice white sandy beach in Central and South Vietnam in summer time from May to October.

The peak season for incoming tourists to Vietnam is from November to April.


Can Eco Nature Travel make visa letter to Viet Nam?

Yes, we can. We can make visa upon letter to Viet Nam. If you wish, please give us your requirement; give your information to us.

The type of visa you require (Tourist or Business, 1 or 3 months, Single or Multiple Entry)

Normally, it takes us from 2 days to a week to make your visa letter upon arrival since we received your information.

Please send us the following documents:

  • A complete copy of your passport
  • Your full name as on your passport
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport numbers
  • Passport expiry date
  • Your arrival date to Vietnam or detailed flight of arrival and departure
  • Source:
Can we use a credit card to withdraw cash and pay by credit card in Vietnam?

Credit card is the popular payment for tour and spends in Vietnam. It is accepted as cash touristy cities. It is very easy for you to find ATMs or bank office that you can withdraw your money in cash. However, it is only in local currency of Vietnam dong. Please take note that the transaction is subject to 3% surcharge or 3.9% for Amex and JCB card when you use your credit card for payment.

Yes, surely that credit card is accepted for any payment in cities, hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops. However, to small spend, it is highly recommend paying by cash.


Where can we change our currency for local currency?


At the airport, banks, shops licensed to sell gold. The exchange rates are very similar. It is a risk when you make your change at street money exchangers because the exchange rate is no better.

What will happen if there is any emergency in our trip ?

When you travel with Eco Nature Travel, our Sales Consultant and guide always have mobile phone and assist you immediately. You can also call to our office telephone.


How can we exchange if we have a lot of local currency left over when we depart Vietnam?

You can change local currency back to the currency you entered with by showing the yellow customs slip that you were given on arrival. The amount of money you take out must be less than the original amount you brought in.



What will happen if there is any emergency in our trip?

When you travel with Eco Nature Travel, our Sales Consultant and guide always have mobile phone and assist you immediately. You can also call to our office telephone.


How will medical emergencies be dealt with?

You will be taken to the nearest international clinic or hospital for an immediate examination and appropriate treatment depending on your insurance’s terms.



Is the water safe for drinking during our trip in Vietnam?

You should be cautious when drinking something in Vietnam. You should drink bottled and beverages with famous labels. During your excursion, Eco Nature Travel always has mineral water on car/van for drinking.  We highly recommend not using non-bottled water and beverages.


Should we eat out in the streets of Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country where has the variety traditional foods as well as street food culture. Many Vietnamese prefer to eat out so it is very easy for you to catch local people to eat street food. Nowadays, in famous restaurant you can taste specialty dishes which some have passes from generation to generation.

Street stalls and small restaurants are nearly as traditional dishes for local taste. To tourists who love to taste these street dishes, sometimes it seems less taken care of food safety. However, it is great to try local street side Vietnamese dishes at food stalls, small restaurant which have name in the guide book to be safer.


Medical precautions and vaccinations for traveling Vietnam?

Vietnam is a tropical climate country so there are some precautions for your traveling trip to the country although no vaccinations are required except for Yellow Fever. Travelers should be inoculated against typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A & B, tetanus and polio. Somewhere in internet you can read about malaria, especially when you have an adventure trip to beaten off track in Vietnam because malaria is present at these regions. We cannot give you exactly number, therefore, we will ask a trustworthy local international medical practice to provide an up-to-date report and recommendations and give you the information.


What about travel insurance?

On our tour package quote doesn’t include insurance. Travel insurance is compulsory for any travelers. It is advised that all travelers should have travel insurance covered in your country before your departure because it will be really helpful in case of medical emergency evacuation. It will cover for Hospital and Medical Expenses, related expenses for accidents or unforeseen illness arise during your visiting time with us. To precious jewels, it is also recommend buying insurance.


Can we travel independently and freely in Vietnam?

This depends on the spot you travel. There are some restrictions in some areas for the security reasons. So it requires having permission from local authorities.  When you travel with Eco Nature Travel, we ensure you that you will have necessary paperwork for visiting.


Can we rent a motorbike and ride a motorbike in Vietnam?

Yes, you can rent a motorbike for your traveling in Vietnam easily. However, as officially without a Vietnamese license you cannot ride a motorbike. It is recommended traveling with a local driver.


We are vegetarian. Can we have vegetarian foods in Vietnam during our trip?

Yes, you can. Vietnam is a Buddhism country. Although there are not many vegetarian restaurants separately, however, it is easy to find good vegetable meals in cities. At restaurants can serve both normal and vegetarian meals. 


Is there internet in Vietnam ?

Yes, internet has in cities, large towns, however, not in rural and remote areas. Most hotels have internet access, Wi Fi and internet café can see everywhere in large cities.


Can we travel with our small children?

Don’t worry when you travel with your children. At hotels have shared room for children under 5 years old with parents with free of charge. If children would like to have a single room, you can ask an extra bed and pay surcharge.

It is highly recommend having a private tour when you have kid or children because it is more comfortable when just only your family in the transport and the day itinerary can be flexible.


How do I book and pay for tour?

When you receive the detailed itinerary and quote from our Travel Consultant, you agree and decide to travel with us. We will require you to deposit us 30% on the total by credit card or bank transfer. The balance of tour you will pay us when you arrive in Vietnam at our head office.


When are the public holidays in Vietnam?

On public holiday, it is busy for hotels, transports, flights, trains for internal tourists travel. Here is the list of the public holidays in Vietnam:

  • New Year’s Day: January 1
  • Lunar New Year or Tet holiday: End of January / Beginning of February. The actual dates are different each year because it accords to the Lunar Calendar. This is the busiest time of year because all Vietnamese people come back home for holiday as tradition. As a result hotels, flight, trains, bus are full.
  • Liberation of Saigon Day & May Day: April 30 & May 01.
  • Birthday of Ho Chi Minh or Uncle Ho – the President of Vietnam
  • National Day: September 2nd