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Hue is well-known by the romantic and Old Capital in Vietnam. In fact normally tourist come Hue city mainly to visit the Royal Palace and Kings’ Mausoleums to know more of history for the last Dynasty in Vietnam. Besides these I would like to introduce you a different beauties of Hue city where show you wonderful feeling for avoiding noisy life in your journey of Hue Travel. Hue offers many beautiful café shops with romantic landscapes for both enjoy café and scenery as for season on summer or winter. In winter but once the sun shines, the scenery seems bright with the green color of trees, flowers bloom and the blue water of Huong river, it makes everyone wish to have a tranquil atmosphere while enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to music in a romantic space. At that time you can fee how delicious for a cup of coffee in Hue.

When you have a Hue travel, let plan to enjoy coffee at a cafe shop in Hue to experience the different of cafe shop here from other cities. It will take more time for you to experience and explore cafe shops in Hue because each cafe shop has its own design and decoration.Whether you go into a very nice cafe shop but the price will make you surprise because of its cheap. Additional, the way Hue people drink and give the taste of cafe also differ from other places with a large ice and less cafe. I wish to introduce and list some typical cafe shops below so that you can experience once you have a Hue travel trip besides visiting historical site here.

The King’s Panorama Bar in Imperial hotel at 8 Hung Vuong street is located in 16th floor of this hotel where gives you the panorama of Hue city with Ngu Binh Mountain, Perfume River and TrangTien Bridge. Also you can take wonderful photo of the city and Perfume River at night when you can enjoy the sparkling of the city and TrangTien Bridge which is the most beautiful.

Bar café Tinh Hue is on the island right in Perfume River and view to TrangTien Bridge where you can touch Perfume River and admire dragon boat and fisherman work on river and catch fish. It brings you a romantic scenery and tranquil for enjoying.

Thon Vy cafe is at 6 Tuy Ly Vuongstreet where offers the green space for relaxing. It brings you far from the busy life in city centre to get the comfortable space for experience the slow life and cool climate. It is designed as garden house of Hue people with Ruong House and is divided into reasonable space for different clients for private space for thinking, warm space for friends and relatives meeting or funny area for party of birthday, live music, etc. beside it has an ice-cream store for children.

Cafe Tu Phuong Vo Su is right the back gate of the Citadel which is located in the wall of the Citadel built since Gia Long King 1804. This is the rarely construction has face to the north. But till Dong Khanh King, this tower was canceled. In 1923 KhaiDinh king asked rebuilt a tower here and made the place for King and Royal family to relax as well as the study place for Princess and Prince. Since this time it was named Tu Phuong Vo Su tower. It was again cancelled under the reign of Thanh Thai King. After Hue Imperial City is recognized by UNESCO on Dec 2008, the plan to recover this tower again and now it becomes a cafe shop which is famous in Hue city. 

Cafe Tinh Tam Lake is in the north of the Citadel in DinhTien Hoang street is an unique garden in Nguyen Dynasty Reign including palace, tower, garden, bridge, ect. With a large area of lake 1400 meter square, it offers a tranquility space for relaxing and enjoyable time on weekend.

Located in Perfume River, Vi Da Xua cafe shop offers a romantic space with cool climate and wonderful time at an art space to listen to bird music, nice songs. How wonderful it is when harmony in nature or just have a cup of coffee at a street corner which we called cafe Coc. It is also a special moment to see the local life daily at this city.

Infact there are many other cafe shops in Hue city which offer you to experience. While travel to Hue city, you should spend your time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and moments here.

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