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Chuon lagoon - the infatuated beauty

It is part of Tam Giang lagoon system; far from Hue city center about 15km, Chuon lagoon has an infatuated beauty. Along the Highway 49 and turn to the direction of An Truyen village, Phu Vang district, Chuon lagoon appears peacefully and wonderfully like a watercolor painting. Everybody could exploit the attractive beauty here. If you love to take photograph, you will own infatuated pictures here; if you want to eat seafood, you will have the comfortable meal. Many photographers come here to take the admirable photos. There are 5 kinds of famous fish here such as “Ong fish”, “ Dia fish”, Mu fish”, “Nau fish” and especially “ Kinh fish” because the meat of these fishes are tough, sweet and scented . In addition, “Kinh fish” is one of Hue people’s specialty; it is also catched a lot at Chuon lagoon.
The best time to visit here is from lunar April to July annually.
In the early morning, Chuon lagoon is so tranquil since the fishers have not come back here with shrimp and fish boats which they catched whole night yet. Arrive here in the morning, you will have chance to enjoy the cool and fresh air.
In Chuon lagoon, the boat is also the residence of many families; all family members live together inside the boat which floats on the water all year round. They bring the shrimp and fishes to early market for selling out when they are still fresh. Each machine boat which is full of fishes rouses the peaceful space of the early morning. Chuon lagoon is so lively with boats, buyer and seller… at this time. Fishers here start fish catching from 6 P.M last day and finish at 6 A.M next day; they work continuously around 12 hours.
The life in Chuon lagoon happens simply and peacefully like that. Let’s travel Chuon lagoon to survey the wonderful scenery like a watercolor painting.

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