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Natural Adventure To Phong Nha - Viet Nam

Being the home to one of the best natural destinations in Viet nam, Phong Nha offers travelers wonderful adventures with numerous activities. In this post, we love to guide you to the top places and amazing things you can do, some of which are well-designed in our Phong Nha National Park Tour

The most popular is Phong Nha Cave, where you can join a wooden boat trip on Son River and admire the spectacular view of karst mountains and the green colors of nature. After disembarking the boat, you will wander around the Cung Dinh Cave and Bi Ky Cave formed by stunning stalactites and stalagmites. It would take you around two hours to explore the stunning and colossal caves.

Located 20 kilometers away from Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave is the largest dry cave in Vietnam. To reach the mouth of the cave, you will transfer along the jungle by electric car. Enjoy the magical beauty of the cave by going up and down hundreds of wooden stairs inside and take breathtaking photos of limestones.

Kayaking along the Chay River and relaxing with a mud bath in Dark Cave are also interesting activities you can do when traveling to Phong Nha. The authentic experience usually includes kayaking on the river, getting on a zipline and swinging to the entrance of the cave, exploring the cave with headlights and taking a mud bath, then swimming into the pure water of the river.

The most adventurous thing to do is to explore the magnificent Son Doong Cave - the largest cave in the world. This thrilling adventure is only arranged by a local tour operator Oxalis Adventure based in Phong Nha. The tour would be a lifetime experience for anyone, but it also has strict requirements for physical health.

One relaxing activity you should not miss in Phong Nha is cycling around rural villages of the town and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Bong Lai Valley is a place where you have chance to join in local experiences such as farming, enjoying local snacks and beers, meet friendly villagers and learn more about rural life in Vietnam.

Phong Nha offers many options for nature lovers from easy cycling to the most adventurous routes. Take an adventure to this wonderful land where the caves are pristine, the rivers are mighty, the villages are picturesque and the locals are friendly. Join us on Phong Nha National Park Tour will be the best way to explore the area with no worry but gratifying and fulfilling experiences.


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