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Belong to Quang Binh province and far from Dong Hoi city about 50km, Phong Nha Cave - the World Cultural Heritage comprise the limestone caves with millions of building year of nature. Here is well-known for mysterious tourist attraction where many records about the beauty have and wonder of caves awarded by nature. Phong Nha Cave is voted for most beautiful cave on over the world with norms such as longest underground river, most beautiful underground lake, sand-bank and dry cave, largest and highest cave door, longest water cave and the most magnificent stalactite system.

Son River is the first place in the discovering Phong Nha Cave journey of traveler. Taking boat about 30 minutes, you could come to the cave door. During sitting on boat, tourist will enjoy the tranquil space and peaceful view of the village in riversides. Arriving the cave, the enigmatical beauty appears with castles which created by impressive stalactite. Phong Nha Cave is voted for one of most beautiful cave on over the world. The scenery will be more and more fanciful when you deeply go into inside the cave. Everybody will have chance to contemplate the eerie and mysterious shapes made from stalactite. Among many caves here, Tien Son Cave or Dry Cave  is famous for size as well as cubic meter of limestone. The door of Dry cave is higher than sea level about 2000m; there are many illusory stalactites and block of marble here. In addition, you could hear a lot of interesting sound like drumbeat which echo from flagstone when you knock on them

Paradise Cave is also dry cave where the underground river doesn’t flow over; it is bigger and longer than Phong Nha cave. Almost the foundation of this cave is even and flat so it’s easy for visitor to travel and explore the beauty of stalactites here. The temperature inside cave is always about 20-21°C while outside one is 36-37°C.

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