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Located in the Central and once the capital of Vietnam, Hue city is well-known for its charming and peaceful beauty. Hue is not as dynamic and lively as the neighboring city of Danang, but it will take time to discover everything. Hence we love to suggest some ideas from our daily Hue city tour which will help you experience top things to do in Hue city if you have only one day exploring this destination.

Once the capital of Vietnam during the feudal period which was ruled by the emperors of Nguyen Dynasty, Hue is famous for many spectacular architectural works constructed by the royal family. Exploring the attractions of royal architectural works is one of the best ways to get knowledge about the history and culture of the former capital city. The most important landmark of Hue is the Imperial City where Nguyen Dynasty Emperors lived and conducted administrative work from 1802 to 1945. With the significant historical, cultural and architectural values of palaces, pavilions, carved gates and other royal buildings, this vast monument complex has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1993, and it is absolutely worth a visit while in Hue.

Besides, you should not miss out the royal tombs which were built as final resting places of Nguyen Emperors. Among 7 available mausoleums, three main tombs most commonly visited are Khai Dinh’s Tomb, Ming Mang’s Tomb and Tu Duc’s Tomb. You will have more chances to learn more about the characteristic architectural styles of each emperor tomb. While Ming Mang’s Tomb and Tu Duc’s Tomb have the similar traditional architectural styles and the harmonious setting of buildings and surrounding natural sites of gardens and lakes, the tomb of Khai Dinh is unique with the mixture of Oriental and Western architecture.

Apart from the constructions of emperors, religious sites have always been indispensable attractions in Hue city. Paying a visit to the sacred pagodas and temples of Hue will help you understand more about the local people’s spiritual life. One of the must-sees is Thien Mu Pagoda which is known as the oldest and the most beautiful one in Hue. The pagoda has several important features to admire such as the symbolic seven-story tower (Phuoc Duyen Tower), Big Copper Bell, the Main Palace, Literature Stone and Turtle and the autographs of the Nguyen emperors. Situated in Ha Khe Hill on the north bank of Perfume River, one of the favorite ways to reach the site is by a cruise along the river. Take a dragon boat trip available in the itinerary of our Hue city tour to soak up the peaceful atmosphere and delightful scenery on the waterways.

For any sightseeing trip to Vietnam destinations, a visit to local markets is a must-do to get a glimpse of the pace of life. In Hue, Dong Ba market is known as the biggest commercial center of the city, and it offers many types of goods, local specialties, cultural gifts and souvenirs. The food court of the market is also a part you should not ignore, you will take a chance to sample iconic local dishes such as beef noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue), Hue mussel rice (Com Hen), and a variety of Hue traditional cakes.

All the above are our suggestions for things to do in Hue city in one day, which will help you have fulfilled experiences of this ancient capital city. To learn more about the city with our knowledgeable local guide, don’t forget to check out Hue city tour and more useful travel information for your trip in Hue from the local experts of Eco Nature Travel!

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