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Beside the ancient beauty of a capital land with outstanding cultural values, Hue is also a cradle of Vietnam culinary culture with its own characteristics that nowhere have. There are two types of Hue cuisine including royal and local food. But the perfect way to explore such a rich food culture in Hue is through local food. Just steps down the streets, you can easily find the typical foods. That’s the reason why Hue street food tour is a great ideal for anyone visiting Hue, especially the food lover.

Talking about Hue local street food, there will be plenty of options that you can try. But follow this article, you will know which local foods that Hue people eat everyday.

The first indispensable and most popular dish to local people is Hue beef noodle soup. You can find this dish at any corner of Hue city. Hue beef noodle over time is modified to have more variations including beef, pork, spring rolls and even crab rolls, but still be standard Hue flavor. The broth is stewed from beef bones with many spices that create its own flavor. This dish will be eaten together with some fresh vegetable, banana flowers, a piece of fresh lemon, available fish sauce and chili sauce. A bowl of Hue beef noodle soup with great tasty aromas will make no one can resist its temptation.

From a very long time, this dish has become the soul of Hue as well as Hue style at any time you mention this beautiful city. Hue people eat Hue noodle soup most of the time and considered it as the best choice for each street food meal, especially in every morning.

The second impossible missing dish is “Com Hen”, a dish with a combination of sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavor with a little strange taste. This dish is created from steamed rice, topped with stir-fried baby clams and variety of other ingredients including vegetables, roasted peanuts, crunchy rice crackers, herbs, banana flower, star fruit, fermented shrimp sauce, fish sauce. This seems very simple but the process is quite meticulous. The baby clams must be caught in Hen islet, a floating island on the famous Hue Perfume River. Local people eat this for any meal of day from breakfast to dinner.

There is a fact that Hue is the region of traditional cakes. They come with a set called “Beo Nam Loc”. If “Banh Beo” is steamed rice cakes topped with dried shrimp and pork rinds, “Banh Nam” is flat rice batter with minced pork & shrimp added with a tasty filling wrapped in wrapped in “la dong” (special leave in Hue) before being steamed and “Banh loc” made with tapioca flour containing a piece of marinated shrimp wrapped and steamed in banana leaves.

For all above local street foods, you can easy google for the top Hue street foods. But there is a special and strange dish that you can rarely find, that’s Hue Balut (Duck fetus eggs). Have you ever thought about eating an unborn duck? Not everyone is brave enough to eat this full of challenges dish. Even it’s ranked in the list of Top 5 most special foods in the world. It may be quite creepy and cruel, but these duck fetus could not be born even if you don’t eat it. So, it will not be as what you think. Duck eggs are incubated in around 20 days, then boiled and eaten immediately while it’s still hot together with some spices such as laksa leaves, chopped ginger, kumquat and a pinch of mixed salt. This in Hue eyes is a familiar and nutritious food and only sold in the evening until midnight time. This dish is truly an exciting culinary experience. With a horrible appearance but great taste, this is a strange dish that any client wants to try and challenge yourself.

It’s difficult to list out all Hue local street food dishes because it is the endless subject to talk about. Each Hue dish is a combination of many flavors. It requires both well preparation and the heart of the chef in each dish. So, don’t forget to choose your own Hue street food tour to try Hue food as the way Hue people do and experience a part of culture here.

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