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Tu Dam Pagoda

- Tu Dam Pagoda is one of the biggest and oldest pagodas in Hue. The pagoda was founded at the end the 17th century (in about 1695) by the Venerable Minh Hoang Tu Dung.

- Tu Dam Pagoda is located in the Truong An Ward, is on a beautiful piece of land: high, wide and flat. The pagoda is far 2km from the center of Hue City, along Dien Bien Phu Street, across Nam Giao Bridge up to the end the first slope.It has a south-east orientation. Kim Phung Mount in the front served as a natural wind-screen. Linh Quang Pagoda and the temple dedicated to respectable patriot Phan Boi Chau stand on the left, Thien Minh Pagoda in the back and Dien Bien Phu Street in the right.

- Tu Dam Pagoda was designed following the model of a Conference Pagoda (Chua Hoi). The three entrance-gate is high and wide with a tiled roof. Just inside the gate is a big bodkin tree, providing shadow all year around. The main parts of the pagoda are the main sanctuary and the conference House. The main sanctuary consists of a service hall and an ancestors' altar. The service hall was built on a marble foundation 1.5m high with an old style roof forming a towering and impressive Pagoda. On the edge and top of the roof are many curving, gentle, symmetric pairs of dragons creating a well-balanced and harmonious beauty. Under the ancient roof are frescoes telling Buddha stories. Many long couplets are hung on the pillars of the Service hall. The building is flanked by two stele and drum towers. In the temple, there is a Buddha Sakyamuni sitting on a lotus pedestal.

- The pagoda yard was built on a very large surface so that it can provide enough space for thousands of people. Every year, on Buddha's birthday, it is a gathering place where many important and most crowded festivals of Hue Buddhists take place.

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