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Garden House

- Coming Hue, the passengers have a chance to visit the garden houses. According to traditional conception of Hue people, the house is always associated with the garden, the house and the garden are 2 main parts of a lively work; not only have the economic effect but also have the aesthetic value.

- Hue People often spend a land for the garden, in which has an area of growing flowers and ornamental plants such as ivory bamboo, apricot blossom, chrysanthemum, etc. And the other land of the garden is used to grow vegetables and fruit trees. Hue garden ersare not only diligent and hardworking but also have skillful hands to reach the high level of art in pruning, breeding. Through this life, Hue has contributed famous specialties to the country such as Nguyet Bieu grapefruit, Huong Can citrus, Kim Long litchi, My Loi orange, etc.

- Hue is beautiful and famous for the garden house with many kinds of fruit including mango, rambutan, jack-fruit, etc, and many kinds of flower consisting of pergularia, jasmine, peony, rose, gerberas, orchids, etc.

- With ancient tile roofs, moss-covered walls and green color of trees, Hue garden house is the beautiful picture where people can live harmoniously with the nature.


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