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Hidden Beauty Of Marble Mountains In Da Nang

Hidden Beauty Of Marble Mountains In Da Nang

10:51 | 22/09/2020
Central Vietnam is well-known for its heritage road with many significant sites recognized by UNESCO, especially the Imperial city of Hue and Hoi An ancient town. Journeying with us from Hue to Hoi An by car will bring you along the route with top natural and cultural attractions. One of the must-visits is the Marble Mountains which is an impressive group of five mountains and limestone hills in Danang.
Thuy Bieu Village | A Must See in Hue Countryside Tour

Thuy Bieu Village – A Must See in Hue Countryside Tour

11:20 | 05/09/2020
Located along the upstream bank of Perfume river and possessed the iconic beauty of a typical rural area in Hue, Thuy Bieu village now has become an indispensable part of Hue countryside tour. Thuy Bieu village is a unification of two different villages: Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan village. Although only 4 km far from city center, Thuy Bieu village is not much influenced by urbanization. It itself still retains the rustic and simple features of old villages that always attract new visitors...
Hue City Tour In A Different Way

Hue City Tour In A Different Way

17:12 | 18/08/2020
In Vietnam travel itinerary, Hue is often left out or at best, just a stop place. This is a big shame. The true travellers always choose Hue as their great destination in the journey from Ha Noi to Hoi An. This lovely town is littered with both impressive historic and natural sights, from small peaceful villages to sandy beaches, it’s all there within reach. If you are familiar with normal Hue city tour, you can check out these following charming places as your own way to discover this beautiful city
Hue city with the unique architectural values


22:53 | 05/07/2020
Being the capital city under the reign of 13 Emperors of Nguyen Dynasty, the last royal dynasty from 1802 to 1945, Hue city itself brings the unique architecture values with diverse system of the most meticulous and massive constructions including royal architectures, religious architectures, modern and traditional architectures. Each construction is a completed unique artwork and special in its own way that you can explore in Hue city tour.
Highlighted Attractions of Hue City Tour


15:05 | 19/05/2020
Lying in the narrow strip central of Vietnam, Hue remained as the capital city of Vietnam for a period of 143 years. Hue city is famous for a plenty of places to visit from magnificent architectural buildings of the royal family, stunning natural landscapes to sacred spiritual sites. A day trip exploring Hue’s top attractions: The Imperial City, Khai Dinh Tomb and Thien Mu Pagoda included in Hue city tour which appeals to visitors for great insight into this ancient capital city.
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