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In history of the country's building and defence, Vietnam had opened many roads for vast expansion of territory, war campaigns and country protection. But maybe the greatest road marking an important historical landmark of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh Trail. And with a historical enthusiast like you, Hue – Ho Chi Minh Trail – Hoi An tour in Central Vietnam is the best way to learn about this legendary road.

Ho Chi Minh Trail is a secret road system running from North to South Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia with the main role of carrying war supplies including both manpower and materiel during the war time. The trail was actually a 16,000km web of tracks, roads and waterways and considered as one of the great military achievements of the 20th century.

Ho Chi Minh Trail is originally called Truong Son Trail which come from Truong Son, a mountain range that runs along central Vietnam, where this trail passes through. Then it’s named from Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. Sometimes you can also hear another name “blood road” as the way it worked in the past.

For those who opened the way, ripped along Truong Son to save the country, this was the "fire line." In this mountain range, every tree and every corner is bloody of so many heroes and martyrs during the battle. They lie down at very young ages to create a legendary path. 

At the present time, Ho Chi Minh Trail passes through the territory of 28 provinces and cities of Vietnam with two branches: East and West branch.

From Hue to Hoi An via Ho Chi Minh trail, you will have chance to visit A Luoi where witness the important battles and the scene of heavy fighting during the Vietnam War.

The A Shau Valley in A Luoi was a conduit for the Ho Chi Minh Trail troops with all necessary supplies. It is considered as “war of attrition” and became a major battle ground from the earliest days of the American involvement in South Vietnam.

One of the grueling battles in the A Shau Valley was the 1966 named “The Battle for the A Shau Special Forces Camp”. It was then used as a major staging area for the 1968 Tet Offensive after the fall of the A Shau Special Forces camp.

Hamburger Hill is one of other strategic points of the war in A Luoi. This hill is a historical land marked the returning point in America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. For almost 11 days in May 1969, American troops waged a dozen deadly assaults with the target of controlling Hamburger Hill. It can be said that Hamburger Hill battle is one of the Vietnam War’s brutal, haunting battle. The hill got its special name because of the intensity of the fighting here and also called “human meat grinder.”

Together with A Shau valley, these are two must see historical sites for veterans who want to see the old battle grounds and know the brutalities of war when following Hue – Ho Chi Minh Trail – Hoi An tour.

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