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Thanh Tan Hot Springs

- Thanh Tan Hot Springs is situated in Phong Son Commune, Phong Dien District, 30 kilometers north of the city center of Hue. It is a recuperation center with hot mineral water, 30 hectares, attracting many tourists coming to relax.

- The hot spring was actually discovered in 1928 by French scientists. It was graded as a “very hot spring” with a 68 degree Celsius of water temperature, and was said to be rich in silicium and sunfat which are believed to have medicinal and curative effects on people.

- Thanh Tan Hot springs welcomes visitors in 4 seasons in 1 year. In the autumn and winter, you can swim and soak in hot springs. On a hot summer day, you can swim in the pure and cool water in big swimming pools, wave pools or numerous water slides and also you can swim in a hot springs in the afternoon.

- Coming Thanh Tan Hot Springs, visitors can retreat from the city lifetorelax in gardens filled with colorful wild flowers and the green trees and breathe the early morning fresh air. Youcan enjoy the pleasures of climbingmountainand take part in many forms of entertainment after stressful working day.

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