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A Luoi District

- A Luoi District is about 70 km southwest from Hue city on 49 National Highway.49 National Highway is very dangerous due to high mountains and deep gulfs. However it is very impressed with some famous places such as Blood Stream, Mother Pass, etc.

- A Luoi District is located in the highly mountainous area of Truong Son Mount bordering Laos. Some ethnic groups live here such as Paco and Ta Oi group. Although these ethnic minorities have many difficulties in the life, they are still preserving their customs and traditions.

- You can discover the daily life of Ta Oi ethnic with their traditional handicraft village such as weaving, textile…see how the women weaving their dresses or even admire the way they threading yarns on looms with their best tenacious efforts.

- A Luoi District is blessed with beautiful landscapes, rich wildlife, nature and the colorful traditional culture of ethnic groups. A Luoi is also the site of many battles during the war between America-Viet Nam such as Hamburger Hill (nickname 937 Hill)-a well-known military site that brings to you great experience when visiting here.

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