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Thuyen Ton Pagoda

- Thuyen Ton Pagoda is located in the hamlet of Ngu Tay, Thuy An Commune. The pagoda was built in 1708 in charming pine hill, was previously called Thien Thai Thuyen Ton Pagoda or Thien Thai Pagoda because Thien Thai Mountain is on the right of the pagoda. If you want to visit the pagoda, you should across Nam Giao Esplanade, along street entering the cemetery of the city, then across the bridge, next turn right, continue about 2.5 km, the pagoda is in front of you.

- The gate was well-constructed with four big pillars. Beside the gate is a big bodkin tree, providing shadow all year around. The yard is very large with many bonsai trees; in the middle of the yard is the Lady Buddha statue - Guan Yin statue. In the back of the yard are two magnificently structured towers where Ancestor Lieu Quan and Superior Monk Thich Giac Nien lied in rest after their death. The whole pagoda is surrounded by many big as well as small mountains and rows of pine trees, which makes Thuyen Ton an appropriate place to recover tranquility in our soul.

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