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Thanh Duyen Pagoda

- Thanh Duyen pagoda is located in Tuy Van Mount, Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc District, about 40km southeast from Hue center.

- This is an ancient pagoda built in the late 17th century by Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu. In 1825, Emperor Minh Mang had it restored to be eligible for a national pagoda, named it Thanh Duyen and renamed the mountain Tuy Hoa. Then, Emperor Tu Duc renamed the mountain Tuy Van.

- The Pagoda has a main temple with three compartments in the front, Dai Tu Pavilion and Dieu Ngu Tower which has 3 floors, 12m high at the back.

- The main altar worships the Three Generation Buddha (Past, Present, and Future), and the other altars worship Lady Buddha - Guan Yin Buddha and the Eighteen Arhants. Outside the Tower has the Emperor Minh Mang’s stiletto praise Minh Mang Emperor’s merit.

- Thanh Duyen Pagoda is one of the old pagodas in Thua Thien Hue.

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