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The Temple

- This is one of the temples worship Emperors of Nguyen Dynasty. There are 5 temples in the Imperial City including: Trieu Temple which honors Nguyen Kim, considered to be the founder of Nguyen Dynasty, Thai Temple which honors the 9 Nguyen Lords, Hung Temple which honors the parents of Emperor Gia Long, The Mieu which worships the Nguyen Dynasty’s deceased Emperors, and Phung Tien Temple which is also honors Nguyen Dynasty’s Emperors but for the women. The women (including the queens) were not allowed to attend the ceremony in The Temple.

The Temple was built in 1821 to worship Emperor Gia Long, then Emperor Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc, Kien Phuc, Dong Khanh, Khai Dinh. On January, 1959, at the request of the royal family and the people, the three altars of Ham Nghi, Thanh Thai, and Duy Tan, three anti - French Emperors were brought to The Temple to be honored there.  So, today there are 10 Emperors honored in this temple.

- The Temple was also a double-house after “Trung Thiem, Diep Oc” design (house after house, roof after roof) like Thai Hoa Palace, 55m long, 28m wide. The house is divided into many rooms with the same entrance, each room contains altar to worship one Emperor. Many personal things of great value that belonged to the Nguyen Kings are kept in the temple. On the death anniversaries of the Emperors, the reigning Emperor and his retinue would perform the appropriate ceremonies at The Temple. Compared to other temple in Vietnam, The Temple is the biggest one.

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